Tuesday 9 May 2017

Small Business Impact Network

Zenon Kitievs B, Level 0, Filoxenia Conference Centre

This event which is open to all donors interested in the activities of the Small Business Initiative, will expand the discussion to the overarching results of the SBI in 2016, the key challenges for SMEs in 2017, and the wider priority areas for the EBRD’s small business development efforts on the ground. The Small Business Impact Network will feature a presentation on the SBI as well as the launch of a unique and interactive SBI donor website and report, The Small Business Initiative Impact Report 2016: A big year for small businesses. Following the presentation and website launch, participants will be invited to share their thoughts and perspectives on focus areas for SME development in 2017 and for the strategic deployment of donor resources in support of SMEs across EBRD country of operations.

Invitation only – enquiries to:

Elisabeth McLeod mcleode@ebrd.com